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Headspace Care Support

All clinical UCSD physicians, UCSD-GME physicians are eligible for free 24/7 on-demand behavioral coaching through the Headspace Care app. Behavioral coaching is available in English and Spanish. Dependents 18+ are eligible to use Headspace Care under an eligible user. *Video-based therapy and psychiatry is available upon request after initial intake with Headspace coach.

*Clinical services (therapy and psychiatry) must be paid out of pocket or through your insurance, except with the coverage conditions below:

  • GME physicians have access to 15 covered therapy and psychiatry visits per academic year, sponsored by the UC Office of the President for UC Residents and Fellows. 
  • Non-GME physicians will need to pay for therapy or psychiatry visits under insurance or out-of-pocket if they choose to use this service. View the list of in-network plans for Headspace Care. 

Explore the help triage tool below to find answers for your Headspace Care support needs.


Instructional Videos

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions




Therapy & Psychiatry available on mobile, including nights and weekends

How to connect with a therapist or psychiatrist


Thera & Psychiatry



Star ting with a therapist or psychiatrist
When and why you might start working with a therapist or psychiatrist:
ó Your coach recommends you could benefit from
working with a clinician. Coaches are trained to
assess when extra support is needed. Your care
team also uses technology to help them better
assess the right level of care.
ó You decide you’d lik e to work with a therapist or
psychiatrist. Maybe you’ve recei ved a referral from
your primary care provider or you’d lik e to switch
from your non-Ginger therapist or psychiatrist, or

you simply want to talk to a therapist or psychiatrist.
How to connect with a therapist or psychiatrist
First, ask your coach a bout therapy and/or psychiatry.
Your coach may conduct an assessment to determine if clinical support is right for you.
Next, your coach wi ll add a Member Support specia list to your care team. The MS specialist will help you
schedule a time with a clinician who meets your needs. Your coach will continue to support you in
between clinical sessions and after you’ve stopped working with your therapist or psychiatrist.

Asked Questions
Why is Ginger changing to Headspace Care?
Headspace and Ginger merged in 2021, and
together, our mission is to transform mental health
support and well-being. After lots of research
and feedback, we made the decision to rename
Ginger to Headspace Care as we move forward as
one company.
Today, Headspace includes the beloved meditation
and mindfulness app, plus coaching, therapy,
psychiatry, and self-care activities on the
Headspace Care platform. If you already have
Ginger, don’t worry — the services you receive
won’t change. Headspace Care will still deliver
evidence-based care for every moment. If you
don’t have the app yet, search for Headspace Care
in the App Store or Google Play, and download it
from there.
When will the change happen?
Your app will update from Ginger to Headspace
Care on October 31, 2023.
How will this change affect me? Will my Care
Team and future appointments stay the same?
Your experience will stay exactly the same. That
means you’ll have the same Care Team as you do
now, and you’ll keep any upcoming appointments
you’ve scheduled.
Will I need to create a new account?
No. You can use your existing Ginger account to log
into the Headspace Care app when it updates on
October 31, 2023.
Will I need to download a new app to access
Headspace Care?
No. Your existing Ginger app will update with the new
name Headspace Care on October 31, 2023. We’ll
send you a reminder before that happens, but you
won’t need to do anything else. The new app will look
a bit different, but all of the existing Ginger services,
including coaching, therapy, and psychiatry, will still be
waiting for you.
If I search for Ginger in the app store after brand
refresh, will I be redirected to Headspace Care?
If you’ve already downloaded the Ginger app, it will
automatically update to Headspace Care on October
31, 2023. If you don’t have the app yet, you can find it
by searching for Headspace Care in the App Store and
Google Play.
What changes will be made to the Ginger app?
The new app will have an updated Headspace Care
logo and updated visuals. All of the existing Ginger
services, including coaching, therapy, and psychiatry,
will stay the same. Our members’ Care Teams and
future appointments will not be affected.
Change isn’t always easy — we understand that there
might be some concerns as we roll out our new brand.
As your partner, we’re here to make the transition as
smooth as possible. Here are the answers to some
commonly asked questions

Will Headspace Care (formerly Ginger) continue
to be available in multiple languages?
Yes, the app will be available in English and Spanish.
What will the Headspace Care app look like in the
App Store and Google Play?
Here’s what the new app will look like:
What will happen to existing QR codes and links
to Ginger web pages? Will they be redirected to
Headspace Care?
Yes — if you use an existing Ginger link or QR
code, you’ll be redirected to Headspace pages on
October 31, 2023.
Who can I reach out to with questions? Can I still
Yes — before October 31, you can still reach out
to with questions. When the app
updates to Headspace Care, we’ll provide a new
email address.